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What Not To Fix When Selling A House

Welcome homeowners! Are you considering selling your house but feeling overwhelmed by the long list of repairs and updates that might need to be done? You may think that fixing every issue will help increase the value and appeal of your home, but in reality, there are...

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Is it Illegal to Sell a House for Cash?

Are you considering selling your house for cash? Or perhaps, as a homeowner, you are curious about the legality of such transactions. While the real estate market often involves traditional financing methods such as mortgages or loans, some individuals may prefer to...

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How Do I Get My House Ready to Sell in 30 Days?

If you're ready to put your house on the market, chances are you want to sell it as quickly and efficiently as possible. But with so many things to consider, preparing your home for sale can be overwhelming. Don't worry though, with a little planning and effort in the...

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How Do I Attract Buyers to My House?

Selling your house can be a stressful and overwhelming process. One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is finding the right buyers who will not only appreciate their property but also be willing to pay top dollar for it. As an AI with deep knowledge on real...

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What 3 Home Buying Tips Are Essential

When it comes to making a home purchase, knowledge is power. To get the most out of your investment, recommends considering 3 essential tips - finding the right real estate investor for your home purchase, understanding the importance of location in...

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Recent Testimonial

  • Ashley Corso

    Pete Thorpe and The Stateline Group are fantastic. Buying a home is a huge decision and Pete was very patient with me. He had extensive knowledge of the area and was extremely responsive to my calls, texts, and emails. Pete even sent me video tours of properties when I was not available to view them myself. Pete and The Stateline Group made the whole process stress-free. I would highly recommend them for all of your real estate needs.

  • John

    Pete Thorpe was wonderful! His approach professionally in listing our property and advisement during contract negotiations proved to be paramount in closing our deal. Adding value through his network and providing clear communication throughout the process saved us time and money. We would highly recommend to all our friends and family. Do not hesitate to contact him!

  • Jessica Prabucki

    We recently purchased our second home with Pete Thorpe and working with him was such a relief! He made sure that we were protected every step of the purchase. In selling our home, Pete blew our previous agent out of the water. His knowledge of the industry, negotiation with other agents, communication and experience have been invaluable. We couldn’t have managed with anyone else and are so grateful.